A brief Introduction to Plastic Surgery


The origin of the term plastic surgery

Why is plastic surgery called plastic surgery? This is one question common to individuals who want to undergo the knife some day on procedures like getting breast implants. Just like other phrases in the English language, the origin of the word plastic is derived from the Greek term “plastikos,” which is translated to shape or mold something. Therefore, there is no correlation between synthetic polymer and plastic surgery.

The phrase plastic surgery has been used for centuries, close to 200 years. It is believed that in 1818, Carl Ferdinand von Graefe, a German doctor came up with a term to describe the molding and reshaping of body tissues. Although the term was not fully used at that time, India become one of the places where the term surfaced, because people would have their nose cut off as punishment for a crime. During these pre-historic times, doctors used wax replica to reconstruct the nose and hold it in place close to the forehead or cheek.

What is plastic surgery?

People confuse the term plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery, yet they are two different terms. To merely define plastic surgery, it is a surgical procedure that is used for both reconstructive and aesthetic purposes to correct a deformity. For instance, some people who discover that they are unhappy with their facial appearance due to a sagging face can go for a facelift to make the skin tight. For reconstructive purposes, someone who has a disfigured face because of a skin condition can be a good candidate.

The growth of plastic surgery

After the World War’s, this procedure took off because soldiers required surgery for missing limbs, facial reconstruction, and surgeries for burns. As time lapsed, the field continued to grow, and surgeons formed specialties like craniofacial surgery. Nowadays, when most people are talking about plastic surgery, they talk mostly about the elective type for aesthetic purposes.

Reasons why plastic surgery is done

Although every patient has different reasons as to why they have to go for plastic surgery from clinics like Plastic Surgery Austin, we are going to look at some common reasons why patients go for a cosmetic procedure:

Career advancement: in some careers like the music business which requires one to appear more youthful and attractive, performing artists have to go through some procedures to stay relevant in the field.

Scars: scars that form on the visible parts of the body like the face can quickly shoot down a person’s self-esteem. No matter the cause of the scar injury, plastic surgery can fix it using laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers and also through microdermabrasion.

Anti-ageing: eating healthy diets and using skin care creams can only keep the aging signs at bay for just a short time. But plastic surgery procedures like a facelift can smoothen out the wrinkles.

Genetics: Anti-aging instances when a patient has inherited genes for a crooked lip or ear, and this makes someone feel less confident of themselves. Plastic surgery is used to make the features normal and better.